The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has presented its predictions for the 2013 hurricane season. “An unusually wild season is predicted,” commented one government spokesperson. The NOAA people claim to be 70% accurate in predicting the intensity of the season.

    With this information in mind, citizens can do one of two things. We can wait for problems to arrive and, then, maybe, we can react. As an alternative, we can make some preparations during the weeks ahead. We can ask, “How can we be helpful?” What’s needed today?

    A new kind of climate change discussion is needed and I hope that Sierra Club groups will be leaders in the new discussion. Waiting for problems to develop  - and, then, saying “blame it on climate change” - isn’t helpful. We can do more and better to help our neighbors. In the process, we’ll demonstrate our concern for our communities and - who knows? - maybe we’ll build some new alliances to solve the climate change problem.

    (submitted by Bob Murphy, chairman, Sierra Club Cape Cod and Islands Group, in Massachusetts.)